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Paphos Old Town (Market And The Place)

Part 1

While Kato Paphos offers many attractions and tourist activities, the old town should not be missed. The town market is a covered market which sells art, lace cloths, jewellery, leather bags, shoes, clothes and souvenirs. The shop assistants are warm and friendly. Look out for Eclectus Gallery at entrance 1 (pictured below with shop owner) with a selection of crocheted items, art and other handmade souvenirs.

If you want to have first-hand experience of local crafts, The Place* is the place to visit. Situated on the pedestrian walkway at Kanari 56 in the old town, it houses a selection of traditional handicrafts and products. Artisans demonstrate their skills and transport their audience back through centuries of Cypriot craft making and handiwork.

Pictured below are some handwoven baskets, art, pottery and fused and painted glass. The Place can be highly commended for their commitment to preserving artistic skill and tradition in our modern age.

And finally, beauty is often found in unexpected places! Pictured at the back of the former warehouse, the reflection in the window captures the old and the new.

Part 2 of Paphos Old Town coming soon...


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