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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

We often rush past the beauty of nature in our chaotic lives. Who has time to register the majesty of even the smallest flower as we dash from one task to the next? I am happy to have spent the last year in Cyprus, when daily walks during lockdown provided the opportunity to photograph the idyllic surroundings. Cyprus boasts hundreds of species of flora and flowers, which were particularly evident during March and April. With the scorching sun of the summer months, it is amazing to see the resilience of some of nature's most colourful presence. Cyprus is one of the most photogenic spots on planet earth!


We live in a world, however, where more bad news is reported than good news. The good news shared on this site is from a Christian viewpoint, which includes Biblical texts and thoughts. The best news we could ever read is about the redemptive love our Creator has for us. We have all been born with a sinful nature and as a result, we are separated from God. He longs for a relationship with everyone through His Son, Jesus Christ, who offered Himself on the cross to atone for our sins. Through repentance and faith in Him, we are 'accepted in the beloved'. Through His righteousness, we can be deemed 'righteous' in the eyes of God.


Our broken world needs words of hope and healing. In Psalm 147:3 we read, "He (God) heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." With my blogs, I hope not only to portray Cyprus through the lens of my camera but also to share short devotions for the heart.


Please contact me through the site to request a free New Testament in English, Greek or Russian. May God bless you! 

All photos are by the author unless otherwise stated. © Olive Wilson


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