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Cape Greco's Sea Caves

The views at the Sea Caves in the Cape Greco area are simply spectacular! A natural phenomenon, the ornate columns and arches have been etched through time and the elements. According to my cousin, who is a geography graduate and teacher, the cliff face displays "the remains of a coastal cavern or cave system. The visible stalactites and columns have formed after years of mild acidic rainwater dissolving the calcium in the rock and then depositing it as it has fallen onto the cavern floor. It is limestone, literally calcium carbonate, which is also a sedimentary rock, hence the lateral lines in the rock."

There are some wonderful vantage points for taking in the stunning coastline.

Had there not been a partial collapse of the cave system, this beauty would not have been easily visible today. It made me reflect on our current situation with the coronavirus. Perhaps something has 'collapsed' in your life but God can use this to reveal something which has been forming within over the years. He may have been preparing you for a new direction, with new opportunities to live for Him. The Bible says that God 'makes all things beautiful in its time.' (Ecclesiastes 3:11). His timing is perfect. As the Psalmist expressed, our days were written in God's book before we were born (see Psalm 139:16). Trust Him to lead you in future days, even when circumstances are difficult. Life's problems are God's opportunities!


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