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Nature's treasures

The ornamental bougainvillaea in Cyprus enhances the beauty of countless idyllic scenes. God's creational glory is displayed once again in the pictures below and His aesthetic touch is evident in all He has made.

Vibrant bougainvillaea bracts are readily visible in gardens and villages throughout the island.

When the delicate, paper-like leaves are shed in the wind, they produce a glorious carpet of colour.

Who is like our God, the One who created this world from the treasures of wisdom and knowledge within His being?

Our relationship with Christ provides all the wisdom and knowledge we need for our lives. These hidden treasures are found in Him alone and are revealed to those who seek them in sincerity and truth.

May nature's treasures direct our minds to the Source of all wisdom and knowledge as we delight in His handiwork.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting. R.W. Emerson


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