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Rebekah's Visit!

Earlier this year, one of my relatives came to visit Cyprus. Read her interview below.

Hi Rebekah, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m Rebekah and I work in the UK Civil Service. I’m originally from Northern Ireland although I’ve been living and working in London for the past three years. I love to read, to play sports (especially football) and to travel. I also volunteer with a small children’s charity called Vision4Kids that works principally in Kenya – bringing the good news about Jesus to the boys and girls there.

You visited Cyprus in February of this year. How long did you stay and why Cyprus?

I did yes - told you I liked to travel! I’d seen so many beautiful photos of Cyprus but I’d never visited and as I was looking for somewhere to go over the spring bank holiday – I decided to book flights to Paphos. I stayed only for a few days but it gave me a nice opportunity to catch up with you and with Hannah and also to see a little bit of the island.

Where did you visit?

We packed quite a lot into my few days! We ventured out on a rainy afternoon to the nearby Kourion archaeological site – I loved the ruins of a 5th century church there. We also walked the length of one of the beaches at Ayia Napa and went to see the sea caves at Cape Greco – the whole coastline in that area was beautiful.

With Hannah at Paphos Castle. Ayia Napa Harbour

What were your impressions?

Cyprus is a beautiful country – temperate climate (although only February – it was pleasantly warm for someone used to UK weather), good food and rich in history. I studied history at university so it was nice to find out a little more of Cyprus’s past and to better understand its strategic importance as a country right back to the times of the Roman Empire.

What was your favourite meal?

Ooh – hard to choose just one meal. I had some lovely moussaka on one occasion but I think my favourite was the fresh hummus and the grilled halloumi we had for lunch one day.

Did you learn anything about Cypriot culture in that short time?

I remember seeing lots of churches when we were out and about during my trip – the Cypriot people seem to be very devoted to the Greek Orthodox church in the main. I also discovered that Cyprus is famous for its traditional lace-making and for the strength of its coffee!

Would you visit again?


What would you see on your next visit?

I think I’d like to venture up into the Troodos mountains next time and perhaps visit Kyrenia as well.

What is your most special memory?

I was going to say fending off some hungry looking cats while we had a lovely fish dinner outside one evening - that still makes me laugh, but I think one of the most special memories is resting on a bench perched high on a cliff overlooking the Blue Lagoon at Cape Greco. The coastline there was simply stunning.

Thank you, Rebekah. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Cape Greco


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