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Limassol Archaeological Museum

This archaeological museum is small but has a rich variety of artefacts and exhibits from the Neolithic period until the Roman period. The objects come from excavated sites around the Limassol area.

Items from the ancient Amathous site are also on display, including artefacts from the cult of the mythological Aphrodite.

Tombstones are also displayed from different periods. It was particularly moving to read the translation of the inscription on the stele shown in the picture below from the 2nd century BC:

In this sacred ground I was meant to find

eight-year old Aphrodisia,

who was deeply adored for her pleasant allure,

leaving mournful agony to the parents, which

Hades surely doesn't take into account. But you

who are present here, say "Farewell Charming


and you may happily continue on your way.

The Roman section contains glass, lamps and sculptures. The small bottles have long been regarded as tear bottles (lachrymatories) which were placed in tombs to show how much the deceased person meant to the mourners. There is a reference to a tear bottle in Psalm 56:8 where the Psalmist David refers to God collecting his tears in His tear bottle. However, some archaeologists dispute they were lachrymatories, claiming they were perfume bottles. Regardless of their function, they were skillfully made along with other glass items from the Roman world.

The museum is well worth a visit and gives an insight into the rich historical past of the island of Cyprus.


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