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I was born in Northern Ireland into a Christian family. From as far back as I can remember, I knew that I was a sinner who could not stand faultless before God. While I was still very young, I accepted Christ as the one to take away my sins and sought to follow him. When I was seven, my family moved to South Africa, as my parents felt that the Lord was calling them to be missionaries there.

South Africa

My family

Very quickly I grew to love South Africa and it became my home, I completed all my schooling and university years there. However, when I was nearing the end of university, I was quite restless for a change in my life and was considering looking for a job overseas. However, I knew that without teaching experience, this could be quite a challenge.

Nonetheless, one day, my aunty messaged me to ask if I had thought about the Logos school in Cyprus. I thought that I had never heard of this school before and really knew nothing about Cyprus, but then I remembered that I had met some people many years ago that had completed their schooling there. As it turned out, I discovered that there were a few more people that I knew of that had worked in the school. From the first email that I sent to the Principal asking about job vacancies, everything fell into place so easily. Usually making decisions is a difficult and time-consuming task for me, but I had such a peace about coming to Cyprus and looking back it is obvious that this was God's leading.


I have been teaching in Logos for a year and a half now. The most amazing thing about teaching in this school, is that there is complete freedom to talk about Jesus. Students in this school are from various neighboring countries and further away; they come from many different backgrounds and cultures and this makes it such a diverse and interesting place to teach.

I hope that while I am here, never to take for granted this opportunity to share Christ’s love.

Images courtesy of Lauren.

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