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Flowers of Cyprus

During the first lockdown in Cyprus from 24th of March until the 21st of May, I could only go for a walk in my immediate neighbourhood. Each morning, I began increasingly to notice the array of flowers which were in colourful bloom everywhere I looked. My camera accompanied me most mornings and the following display was born during this time of restricted movement.

The ubiquitous bougainvillea adds much vibrant colour to the surroundings. A close examination reveals the delicate flowers inside the leaves, which have the function of protecting them. We can remember the words of the Psalmist David: "The LORD will protect me and my God will shelter me." Psalm 94:22. The next time we see bougainvillea, let us remember that just as the delicate flowers are protected by the colourful leaves, we are protected by our loving God.

The sea hibiscus featured below blooms in yellow and changes colour as it dies and falls off the tree, creating a beautiful spectacle.

The Delonix Regia (Royal poinciana). I would appreciate help with picture number 5 (bell-shaped flowers) and the last one is from the Callistemon species, commonly known as the bottle brush tree.

Shades of pink!

The fragrant frangipani, passion flower, poppy and others reflect a delightful Creator!

The hibiscus family. The purple flower is hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon).

The island of Cyprus never ceases to thrill me with the richness and beauty of these flowers and flora. There are many more to be photographed. Next spring, God willing!


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